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3 Beautiful Lingerie Trends Everyone Will Wear in 2022


One thing this 2022 is that women and brands would see that comfort and sexy aren’t at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to lingerie and realise they can go hand in hand. I think the rise of mesh lingerie is showing that women and brands are realising this. Day-to-night dressing is something you can do with your work clothes but also with your underwear, guys! For the current season, we’ve seen a massive uplift in customers wanting natural fabrics, notably organic cotton. People aren’t willing to sacrifice comfort anymore and are specifically after styles that look good, flatter and are in comfortable, natural fabrics.

Comfort is the key. The trend for non-wired support continues to grow in popularity and is no longer restricted to smaller busts—we’re seeing bralette styles for all.




Based on what I have seen for 2022 so far, I would say that the appetite for fun and colourful lingerie is still growing. This is especially with our customer, as we find black bras stay in stock for much longer than their colourful counterparts. I think brands are realising that women want to be bold and experiment with all of their wardrobe, including their underwear drawer.

Colour-wise, we noticed a huge demand for bright green, which is interesting, as you wouldn’t normally consider green a typical colour for lingerie—it’s not obviously feminine in the same way that pink or berry are. Customers are looking to be more experimental with their colour choices and looking for colours you can’t typically find everywhere. The classic look you would typically expect from lingerie has gone out the window—people want to be dressing for themselves these days, in comfortable, experimental, different and unique choices.




Something our customer loves and something I always look for when buying is the 'reinvented classic. This is basically a bra that fits into a classic shape or style but has something different about it such as an interesting fabric, a design detail or a bold color. Brands that do this well are Else, especially with their bare range; Skarlett Blue, who are typically a very traditional brand but have introduced a large mesh range who cater to a larger bust but use delicate lace and satin, which is not usually available in the sizes they stock. We're also seeing more customers opt for knicker shapes that offer something a bit different to the usual low-rise bikini shape. High-waist knickers and thongs are really making a resurgence, for example, as we’ve never seen such a strong popularity for these shapes. It definitely feels like knickers aren’t an afterthought anymore—people are specifically looking for a set that either offers a really cool, '80s-cut high-leg thong, or a 1950s-style silhouette from a high-waist knicker.

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