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4 Shapewear Tips to Feel Comfortable and Look Great at the Same Time

4 Shapewear Tips to Feel Comfortable and Look Great at the Same Time

Shapewear is essential for anyone who wants to look their slimmest, curviest, and fittest. Celebrities have revealed their secrets to achieving their most stunning red carpet looks—and those secrets almost always include shapewear of some kind.

Shapewear isn't just for special occasions, either. You can use it to look your best while walking down the aisle, working out, or simply relaxing with your significant other.

If you're not used to wearing shapewear, it can be difficult to know what to wear and when, as well as how to stay comfortable all day, every day. That is why we want you to understand how to make the most of your wardrobe. Here are four shapewear tricks to try.


Have a Wide Range of Shapewear

Not all shapewear is created equal. Different styles focus on different parts of the body and enhance them in various ways. They also have different levels of compression, which can produce more noticeable results.

You can ensure that you have the exact solution you need for the circumstances if you have a variety of shapewear to choose from each time you dress. Here are a few examples that we think everyone should have in their closet:

  • Shaping panties: This style of garment substitutes regular panties and is useful for keeping your tummy smooth and flat. Shaping panties are typically made with a high waistline to eliminate muffin top and love handles. They’ll help your pants, skirts and dresses fit smoothly.
  • Waist cinchers and corsets: If you want firmer control and more dramatic slimming, a waist cincher (also called a waist trainer) or a corset snatches the waistline and lifts the bust. You can wear one daily for the best results or keep one on rotation in your wardrobe for special occasions. There are also workout waist trainers that help amplify your workouts.
  • Shaping leggings: Get smooth, firm legs, along with a booty lift and waist slimming, depending on which style you use. This is a useful garment with all-over benefits, which you can use for workouts or casual attire.
  • Thigh shapers: These garments provided targeted sculpting for the hips, thighs and bust, and provide compression around the waist. Use them under form-fitting dresses, skirts, and pants for the best results.
  • All-over shapers: When you need an all-over solution under a dress or other form-fitting outfit, an all-over shaper can, as the name suggests, do it all. Choose a style that targets your target areas best, including bust, waist, butt, hips, and thighs.
  • Butt-lifting jeans: The right jeans can do double duty as sexy pants and shapewear. These Brazilian-style stretchy jeans use seaming in just the right way to emphasize your curves. With a high waist they also slim the lower abdomen and prevent muffin top.

With so many options, you can always look and feel your best, no matter the occasion or activity.

Compression levels should be chosen based on desired slimming/sculpting results.

Compression levels should be chosen based on desired slimming/sculpting results.

Shapewear is available in a variety of compression levels. In general, the more compression there is, the more dramatic the results. However, the stiffer (and less comfortable) the garment can feel as the compression increases. Some people have difficulty wearing high-compression garments for extended periods of time.

You can avoid wearing high compression all day by adjusting your compression level based on the occasion. Save your high-compression garments, such as all-over body shapers, for when you want to show off your curves the most. These outfits are intended for special occasions.

You may be more comfortable in garments with lower compression that are designed to be flexible for everyday use. They may not provide the most dramatic sculpting, but that may not be necessary for many occasions. Wearing shapewear that gently smooths out your tummy or thighs can help your clothes fit better and make you feel more confident.

Waist trainers are an exception when it comes to compression (waist cinchers or corsets). Many people use a high-compression waist trainer on a daily basis to achieve amazing waist-slimming results.

The key to daily waist training is to practice until your body adjusts and the garment breaks in. Begin by wearing a waist training garment for only an hour or two at a time, gradually increasing the amount of time you wear it each day. After a few weeks of daily waist training, you'll discover that it feels completely natural and comfortable, not to mention flattering.

It's also worth noting that if you don't want to wear a high compression shapewear garment every day, you can break it in to make it more comfortable. For example, if you're planning on wearing an all-over shaper to a wedding, treat it as if it were a new pair of heels by wearing it with a new pair of heels.


Dress for Your Body Shape

To get the most out of your shapewear, choose one that enhances and shapes the right areas of your body based on your natural body shape. You'll not only look great, but you'll also be more comfortable if you only wear the shapewear that's right for you.

You can't go wrong with waist-slimming clothing because it works for almost every body type. Here are some more body shape suggestions:

  • Pear shape: thigh-slimming and bust-lifting shapewear
  • Apple shape: waist-slimming and butt-enhancing shapewear
  • Rectangle shape: waist-slimming, butt-enhancing, and bust-lifting shapewear
  • Hourglass shape: waist-slimming and all-over smoothing shapewear
  • Inverted triangle shape: butt-enhancing and waist-slimming shapewear
  • Bust: measure around the fullest part of your chest
  • Waist: measure two inches above them belly button, where there is a natural bend when you lean to the side
  • Hips: measure around the fullest part of the hips

Wear your shapewear with clothing that highlights your best features while concealing problem areas. This will ensure that you are wearing clothes that look and feel good, allowing you to be comfortable throughout the day.

Make Sure Your Shapewear Fits!

Wearing garments that fit makes a significant difference in shapewear comfort and effectiveness. This point cannot be overstated.

When ordering new shapewear, take measurements for each garment—even if you think you know what size you are. Shapewear sizing does not correspond to other clothing sizing, and your body can gradually change size and shape without you realizing it.

Shapewear has three key measurements: bust, waist, and hips. You only need measurements for the body parts that the garment will cover. For example, a waist cincher typically requires only a waist measurement.

When measuring your body, use a soft measuring tape made of fabric or vinyl. Pull it firmly, but not tugging or stretching, over the desired area of skin. You should be able to get your finger underneath. The tape should be parallel to the floor, so you may need a mirror or the assistance of another person to get an accurate measurement.

Here’s where to take each measurement:

  • Bust: measure around the fullest part of your chest
  • Waist: measure two inches above them belly button, where there is a natural bend when you lean to the side
  • Hips: measure around the fullest part of the hips

Consult the sizing chart for your desired garment once you have your measurements. Each shaping garment in our online shop comes with a custom sizing guide, so make sure to stick to it!

If you're unsure about a size, or if two or more of your measurements don't match up exactly, go with the larger size. By sizing up rather than down, you will achieve better results and be more comfortable. Many garments, such as waist trainers and items with straps, are adjustable and can be tightened to achieve the desired level of compression.

When you receive your shapewear, try it on before removing the tags or starting to wear it. It should be snug when you put it on, but not so snug that it pinches or requires you to yank it on. Move around in it to get a sense of how it feels. Is there any bunching or rolling going on? This may indicate that you aren't wearing the correct size or that this style of garment isn't suitable for your body shape.

Finally, put on clothes over your new garment and walk around. How does it appear and feel? If something isn't quite right, you can exchange your shapewear for something that fits better and assists you in achieving your shaping goals.

More information about finding the perfect fit can be found in our sizing guide and returns policy. You can also seek advice from our expert stylists about the best garment for you.

With these simple shapewear tips, you can look great while also feeling great. To achieve your shaping goals, be sure to browse our extensive curated collection of the best shapewear, waist trainers, and compression activewear.

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