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Guide to Choosing the Right Swimsuit Color for Your Skin Tone

Guide to Choosing the Right Swimsuit Color for Your Skin Tone

We'll cut to the chase - choosing swimwear can be a challenge at the best of times. Figuring out which swimsuit is flattering for your body type to deciding which bikini bottoms leg cut works best for you is pretty much a part-time job. We've already published several guidelines on choosing the right swimsuit for you. We realize shopping for swimwear can seem daunting at first, but we're here to ease your swimwear shopping experience.
Today we're talking colors - more specifically, we're covering the best swimsuit colors for your skin tone. We're moving away from those old-school, so-called colour rules such as "redheads should avoid wearing red" or "blondes should avoid yellow" because let's face it - those colour combinations are often gold. At the end of the day, you're free to wear what you want!
We're breaking down the different skin tones, the colours associated with them, and which swimwear colors will compliment them the best. Of course, these guidelines are just that - guidelines. They're not rules, and of course, if you love a particular colour and it doesn't fit into your skin-tone category, by all means, still wear it!
But still, it's a good idea to know the best swimsuit colour for pale skin and the best swimsuit colors for dark skin, or whatever your complexion is. Here's our quick guide to help you find the best swimsuit colors for your skin tone.
But before you dive into trying to figure out the best swimsuit colors for your skin tone, you need to follow the first step - to figure out your skin undertone. By doing this, you'll be one step close to finding the best swimwear to accentuate your natural beauty and help you get your glow game on.

Determining Your Skin Tone

Maybe you can relate - have you ever picked out a foundation that looks amazing in the tube but then looks terrible once you put it on? The answer is probably "Yes!" It's because you're looking skin deep; this is not an accurate way of colour matching since your skin's surface colour can change due to many variables, such as medical skin conditions like rosacea, sun exposure, and reactions to medicine. In a nutshell, your skin tone isn't just determined by what it looks like - it's mainly determined by the skin's undertones.
To determine your skin tone, you need to have a clean, bare face. After washing, wait 30 minutes until the redness from the hot water, wiping, or scrubbing subsides. The easiest way to determine your skin tone is to take a piece of white paper, hold it up to your face in natural light, and compare how your skin contrasts to the paper.  
If your skin appears yellowish, greenish, or lightish brown, you have a warm skin tone. If it appears pink, rosy, or even blue, you have a cool skin tone. If it looks grey or ashen - your skin tone is neutral. Are you tanned? Have rosacea? Got acne? No problem - hold the white paper up to the crease behind the ear to determine your true skin tone.
You can also take a look at the veins on your wrist. If they look bluish or purplish, you have a cool skin tone. If they appear green, you have a warm skin tone.        
Taking a cue from your jewelry is another way you can figure out the best swimwear for your complexion. What suits you best? Are you a gold or silver girl? If you find that gold is your colour and it brings out the warmth in you, this is a sign that you have warm undertones. If silver's your go-to jewelry colour and it looks better on you, you have cool undertones.
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Warm Skin Tones

Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and Beyonce all have warm skin tones. You have greenish or yellowish undertones. If you have an olive complexion, this also falls under the umbrella of warm skin tones.
So what's the best swimwear colour for your warm skin tone? Generally, the colours that suit you reflect nature. On the warm side of the colour wheel, reds, peaches, corals, ambers, oranges, golds, and yellows are all your friends. You also suit several "warmer" cool colours, such as moss, olive, cream, mushroom, and cappuccino, making this vintage-inspired, striped bikini top and full-coverage bikini bottoms in a mustardy-moss green from Sunseeker ideal.

Cool Skin Tones

Cate Blanchett, Lupita Nyong'o, and Nicole Kidman are all examples of women with cool skin tones. When it comes to finding the best swimsuit colors for your skin tone here, look to the depths of the ocean and winter for colour inspiration.
Emeralds, bright blues, and deep purples look amazing, as do some frosty shades of pink, ice blue, and lavender. As for colours on the warmer side of the colour wheel, pale yellows, bright reds, and ruby will compliment your skin tone beautifully. We love this stunning red bandeau one-piece from Melissa Odabash that represents power, strength, and confidence.

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Neutral Skin Tones

Some of our favorite celebs with neutral skin tones include the babes that are Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts. If you have a neutral skin tone and you're looking for the best swimwear for your complexion, you're in luck!. You can get away with wearing anything on the colour wheel, but it's recommended you go for more muted versions of colour as opposed to the brighter ones.
Swimsuit colours to suit your skin tone include jade greens, lagoon blues, cornsilk yellows, and dusty pinks, all of which are perfect for the summer months. Off-whites, mid-range grays, coffee, and black also work well. Since it's summer and we love a splash of colour, we think this one-shouldered two-piece from Hunza G in pistachio would look dreamy.
If the characteristics of skin tones aren't confusing enough - there are also skin types to consider. White skin, fair skin, golden skin, and dark skin are the four major skin type categories, with many others falling in between. When choosing the best swimwear colours for skin types, whether that's the best swimsuit colour for dark skin or the best swimsuit colors for pale skin, you also need to think about how your skin reacts to the sun.
By choosing the right colors, your skin and its natural beauty will always be enhanced!

The Best Swimwear For White Skin

White and porcelain are two characteristics of your skin type. It doesn't take long for the sun to irritate your skin, so taking extra precautions is a must. Activate your vacation mode by sporting a classic Panama hat or something similar. You may burn easily, but women around the world covet your skin, so don't be afraid to show off your natural porcelain beauty.
The best swimsuit colors for white skin is anything that will create a dramatic contrast. Dark and cold shades work best, and if anyone's going to rock the classic black swimsuit, it's going to be you, so flaunt it with a black high-neck one-piece from Seafolly that will help you bring a fresh and sporty look to the beach. Other colours that will create a stunning contrast include navy, emerald, dark purple, brown, and red.
When your skin is naturally brighter at the beginning of your holiday, opt for darker colours, similar to swimwear for fair skin. After a few days, go wild and get your creative juices flowing because you can rock cold and warm colours from nude to neon. Printed swimwear is also your friend. Let your swimwear speak louder than words, and take a walk on the wild side with this Cheetah print bandeau bikini top with matching bottoms from Melissa Odabash. There are no limits!

Best Swimsuit Colour For Dark Skin

If you've been blessed with beautiful dark skin, you generally tan easily without burning. Needless to say, you should never stop wearing SPF, especially since it's also the best way to protect your skin against ageing. All this aside, you're lucky as you look amazing in all colours before the holiday even begins.
Despite being able to pull off any colour (and probably a paper bag as well), we do recommend choosing colours that will highlight your skin colour. So what are the best swimsuit colors for your skin tone? White and yellow all the way - bright colours look phenomenal on darker skin colours, such as this luxury one-piece in white from Melissa Odabash. Beauty knows no limits and needs no permission; so don't be afraid to play around with more intense colours such as orange, red, bright blue.

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We still say, wear any colour you want - your style is your style at the end of the day. But if you struggle to choose the right swimsuit for you and you want to find your signature resort look, hopefully, this mini-guide has helped you determine which is the best swimsuit colors for your skin tone.

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