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How to buy lingerie as a gift | Gift Ideas

How to buy lingerie as a gift | Gift Ideas


What woman doesn't love getting new lingerie? It's a necessity in everyone's life, and it's as unique and individual as perfume or make-up. It's intimate and personal, and if you choose wisely, it'll make an excellent gift for your girlfriend, mother, sister, or other special lady. At QueenPark, we've enlisted the assistance of our expert bra fitters to compile a list of buying suggestions and advice for the ultimate lingerie gift this holiday season.


Tip #1: When is the best time to purchase lingerie as a gift?

There are numerous scenarios in which you could surprise that special woman in your life with lingerie to show how valuable she is. You're going to a wild bachelorette party or your best friend is getting married. Your mother and you are taking part in your first fun run together. You've discovered the most comfortable bra you've ever worn and want to let everyone know about it. Then there's Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Day, Singles Day (11/11), Valentine's Day, and everything else.


Tip #2: Know her size

When purchasing lingerie as a gift, there is a lot to consider, from band size to cup size, bra style, and support level. The first question you'll be asked as you browse the lingerie section is her size, and it's also one of the most important. If you get the chance, look at the tag inside her bra, or start a conversation about boobs and bras and see if she will share that information with you.


Tip #3: Get to know her style

Every one of us is unique, including our breasts! You may enjoy lace, but that doesn't mean your friend, sister, mother, or boyfriend will. Finding out her overall style, what bras she already owns, and what features those bras have will help you get the right gift. Consider the cups: are they padded, molded, or unpadded, for example? Is she partial to narrow, wide, or lace-embellished straps? Is she a fan of bright colors or does she prefer neutrals and black?

If you're unsure, knowing what she doesn't like will help you narrow down your options. If lace irritates her sensitive skin or she dislikes yellow against her skin tone, she should rule these out right away.

Her demeanor and clothing choices may also reveal a lot about her. Is she constantly on her feet and in need of extra breast support? A smooth, molded bra may be the best option if she prefers to wear t-shirts. If she works from home, having a wire-free style would be ideal. If you know her well enough, consider the shape of her breasts when deciding which styles are best for her. QueenPark's breast shape dictionary is an excellent resource for determining common breast shapes and the best styles to match them.



Tip #4: Schedule an online fitting

Did you know that many of our fitters can tell a woman's size just by looking at her? If you can't figure out her size, visit a QueenPark store or schedule a virtual fitting. Bring some images of the person you want to buy for (completely clothed, of course!) and our fitters will help you narrow down what size and bra type is best for them.



Tip #5: Always ask for a gift receipt

Even if you think you recognize her, you could be mistaken. Because sizes vary between brands, you may need to go up a cup or band size. Alternatively, the style isn't giving her the lift or form she's looking for. Make a copy of your gift receipt for your records. QueenPark, offers a 30-day free return or exchange policy to ensure your satisfaction. Still stumped on what to get her? Give her the gift of choice instead.

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