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Best Swimsuits For Small Busts

Best Swimsuits For Small Busts


Before we dive into it, the truth is this: the grass is not always greener on the other side. Ladies with large busts often wish that they could find bikini tops to create the illusion of smaller breasts, and small chested babes often try to sport bikini tops that make them appear larger.

Today, we're talking to the latter our chicas with small breasts in search of the ultimate bikini top for their body shape and size.  A fool-proof way of creating the illusion of a larger bust is to add volume to your top half and ruffled bikini tops is one awesome way to do this. The added texture that comes with ruffle bikini tops enhances the appearance of your breasts by making them look fuller. 

We love the options from  Bikini Set With Ruffle Beach Pants Swimsuit because the ruffle details are relatively tamed while still giving you the volume you need. The all-white colour on the one-piece makes this swimsuit very easy to style as well simply throw on some layered gold necklaces, a beautiful printed beach kaftan and you're good to go. 



Look for more vibrant and dramatic ruffles, is definitely the way to go. Not only will the beautiful colours look absolutely swoon-worthy against tanned skin; the ruffle textured combined with the off-shoulder style will definitely add some oomph to your chest. 



Another interesting trick that you could take advantage of is the stripes trend especially, horizontal stripes. Think of this as the opposite of trying to create a slimmer frame by avoiding stripes or only sporting vertical ones to create the illusion of a larger chest, rock a bikini top featuring horizontal stripes instead. We are totally loving the striped bikinis.  The best part is that stripes are totally on trend at the moment, and it looks like they are here to stay. There are so many great options in beautiful colour palettes that you can opt for.  

Finally, remember that padding and push-up styles are your best friend but don't if you go over-the-top with either, it could ruin the look, so remember to stay within reason. Most swimsuits now come with removable padding, which is great.  Right now,Triangle bikini set which comes in a beautiful soft pink and has removable padding in the cups, as well as the white Eyelet bikini which features a push-up style top. The textured fabric is also an added bonus, because they can give your breasts a bit of a volume boost as well. 


But remember ladies, while it is perfectly fine to enhance what you have, it is important to embrace your body shape and remember that there are some styles that you can rock (e.g. tiny bikini tops) that others can't. If you feel comfortable with your body and love the skin you're in, it will radiate beauty from the inside and out.

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