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Wear Lingerie as Outerwear for Various Occasions

Wear Lingerie as Outerwear for Various Occasions

The more unique or stunning pieces I add to my lingerie collection, the more I try to sneak some of them into my outerwear. There's a strappy bra peeking out from beneath a top there, and a slip worn as a summer dress there. It doesn't always look like lingerie, but that's not really the point – it's just a way for me to wear my favorite clothes as often as possible!

Outerwear Lingerie: Casual Day wear

Lingerie camisoles easily translate into outerwear because, well, they're just tops. I prefer ones that are designed to be worn indoors but have thinner, more delicate-looking straps and/or less coverage at the back – which is exactly what makes them so visually appealing. They aren't intended to cover a bra, but you can still wear a strapless bra for support or, failing that, invest in some nipple covers and lifting boob tape.

Bodysuits and rompers are another option for a tucked-in look, especially if you want it to stay that way. You can wear them under jeans, sweatpants, skirts, shorts, and pretty much anything else. Satin fabrics and lace details will give your look a 'dressier' vibe that pairs well with sandals or ballerina flats, whereas stretchy jersey and ribbed fabrics (which are a popular lingerie trend right now!) will keep things casual.

Satin V-neck Camisole Shorts Pajamas Set

Transparent Sleepwear Women Night Dress


Women Silk Backless Sleeveless Bodysuit

Outerwear Lingerie: Beach Trip

While I don't recommend wearing bra sets or bodysuits to the pool (the materials aren't designed for it, and they may deteriorate), you can get creative with cover ups. Robes, for example, are extremely versatile and can be worn as outerwear for almost any occasion. Keep the mood summery with lightweight or even sheer fabrics (no velvet!) in light or bright colors and prints for the beach. Look for robes with wide sleeves and cuffs for a comfortable, breezy fit. You could also skip the belt and wear it open for an even more relaxed look.

Other items in the lounge wear section include kaftans, gowns, and satin pyjama bottoms, which, depending on their design, can be used as cover-ups or for a stroll along the waterfront.

Accessories ranges from lingerie brands can also be a great place to find little extras to adorn your beach look. Metallic body chains from Salt & Lace look just as good draped over a swimsuit or bikini as they do in the boudoir!


5XL Bride Bridesmaid Wedding Bathrobe


Outerwear Lingerie: Dinner Date

Are you going out to a fancy dinner and want to dress up for the occasion?

This is one of my favorite reasons to wear lingerie as outerwear because there are so many options! Everything I've already mentioned, such as camisoles, bodysuits, and robes, can be made more elegant by substituting satin, velvet, or lace for jersey fabrics I especially like the idea of wearing a robe as a lightweight jacket – you can keep the look firmly in the 'outerwear' category by wearing it over tailored trousers or jeans and heels, and perhaps swapping out the soft belt that comes with it for a more structured belt. This look works with robes of any length, even long ones, although be sure it’s not going to drag along the floor.

Some bras, especially longline bras, look great on their own as a crop top (add a blazer for more coverage), while others look better hidden beneath a sheer top or blouse. Alternatively, layer a bra with an interesting neckline detail beneath a top or dress that will highlight it.

Lacey Mesh Corset Underwear Set


Eloquent Burgundy Embroidery Lingerie


Outerwear Lingerie: In the Club

There's a lot of overlap between this and the 'dinner date' category, because the difference between the two is really just a matter of personal preference. However, when I think 'club' versus 'restaurant,' I envision lingerie as sexier and more daring outerwear looks. Perhaps a little glitzier as well. Layering, as always, is the key to creating a lingerie-as-outerwear look that is only as revealing as you want it to be.

Underwired bodysuits and chemises can provide a pushed-up or plunging neckline without the need for a separate bra, and they can be easily tucked into a skirt or trousers. Wear sheer styles over an opaque bra or camisole for a lingerie-on-lingerie look. Body chains and harnesses are an unconventional alternative to necklaces for the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Furthermore, and this applies to any occasion, not just clubwear, the hosiery section is always a great place to find eye-catching 'extras.'.


Plus Size Eloquent Half Cup Lingerie Set Bra+ Panties+Garters


CeCe Embroidered Underwire Gather Bra Lingerie Set

Fleur Teddy Lingerie Bodysuit


If you sometimes style your lingerie as outerwear, what are your favourite garments to do it with and how do you wear them?

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