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Yay! ‘Tis the season to be jolly.

At QueenPark Collections, we are as ecstatic about the coming holidays as you are. It is a chance to catch your breath, slow down and hang out with loved ones.


While many of you have elaborate plans to spend the season on get-aways and vacations, many have also decided to take time off to yourselves at home. For the perfect self-pampering period this holiday, after the great work you have done all year, you deserve to splurge on the perfect gift for yourself and even your loved ones. Finding this perfect gift, however, might be more difficult than you imagine. If you are wondering what the perfect gift is, the answer is pretty simple.


Perfect sexy lingerie set for the holiday might be the answer for you.


Investing in quality lingerie this holiday would help you take a little time out to appreciate your body in all its perfect imperfections.


There is a lot of skepticism that comes with lingerie shopping. It does not matter if you are shopping for yourself or as a gift, choosing the right lingerie to purchase is a daunting task. This might be because many people regard lingerie as unmentionable items that should be stashed in the deepest parts of their closet. It might also be because of the problem of being unable to choose the proper design or even the worry of if lingerie is a proper gift for others.


Shopping for lingerie can be a rather intimidating experience, especially if you mean to give them as a gift. Many females feel too self-conscious about wearing sexy lingerie and might see no need to spend money on buying them. This is because lingerie has been constantly kept hidden over the years.


When people hear ‘lingerie’, they associate the word with fancy items that should only be worn on special occasions. Contrary to popular opinion, however, lingerie isn't fancy and out-of-pocket. Every woman deserves to own a pair of lingerie sets that they feel good in.


Lingerie goes way past simply putting on matching bras and panties. Lingerie is an art and your body is the canvas.


French women of the 19th century were the pioneers who deduced a way to wear lingerie a long ago. Before modern-day standards, lingerie was viewed as an appealing undergarment. In those days, women were seen wearing lingerie during erotic acts, not for practical function. Before its evolution, lingerie was a disparage item but now, it supports confidence, upgrades women’s style, and adds a hint of ease, temptation, and sensuality to their lives.


Lingerie deserves to be a piece of your day-to-day existence. You deserve to open the drawers and trust that there is something perfect, pretty, attractive, and comfortable to put on.


It might be such a simple item, but we can’t deny the fact that lingerie can be physically engaging and can be effective enough to get partners excited. Lingerie teases the senses and evokes a sense of desire.


While many women choose lingerie to spice up their relationships, many others simply prefer to own these sexy garments only for themselves, with no partner in mind. This changes the narrative a lot more, making lingerie a great option for other women outside of the ‘relationship’ zone.


Of course, not every person is into extravagant lingerie. Yet, many discoveries recommend many women get psychological wellness support from wearing sexy lingerie in their day-to-day existence, even when they are not being sexual.

Nowadays, sexy lingerie doesn't need to be really silky or attractive to make its wearer feel enabled and powered.



  • Wearing pleasant undergarments helps build confidence

Wearing a lingerie set helps build certainty and confidence, regardless of the presence or absence of an audience to appreciate it. In a society whose idea of beauty standards constantly changes, women are left feeling unseen, unwanted, and unaccepted. Studies have shown that approximately 91% of women today are unhappy with a part of their body and would love to change how they look.


Wearing lingerie is an instant confidence boost for many women. It enables them to appreciate their body and understand that they can look good on their terms.  This newfound confidence can affect all parts of women’s life. Because of the love for themselves, their walk, talk, overall carriage changes, thanks to confidence. This confidence is physical and mental. Wearing lingerie can bring out womanliness, sexual freedom, this confidence is empowering.

  • It gives the opportunity to communicate your personality.

We pick out our clothes according to social and cultural standards. You must appear formal for work and appear casual for a picnic date. You must appear sexy for a dinner date. You might not be comfortable in them, but you accept them as norms. Buying a lingerie set gives you a chance to let your repressed part come out. This allows you to be confident of who you are beneath all the norms without no one judging you. 

  • It promotes self-care

Purchasing quality lingerie can be a type of self-care, and it can boost your spirit. There's a degree of taking care of oneself and confidence that goes into purchasing pleasant clothing or lingerie ― particularly when no other person may see since you are in a proper sense just doing it for yourself. Anything you do that causes you to feel taken care of or cherished is great for you. Regardless of whether the lingerie is attractive or simply an update in quality, all that matters is that you feel good. Lingerie is a great way to bring out that version of you not everyone is privy to and give that version a proper treat.

  • It lifts mood

It makes sense that after a long day at work, you simply want to relax. Nothing beats coming home to something as relaxing as a bubble bath, scented candles, wine, and your favorite pair of lingerie.

  • Perfect addition to your outfit

It doesn't matter if they are corsets or lacy tops, lingerie has a way of making a bland outfit pop.



Unlike what society portrays, it is okay for men to go lingerie shopping for their women. When men gift their significant other a nice pair of lingerie, it is a thoughtful gesture that goes a long way in making her feel good in several ways.

  • She will feel connected to you on a deeper level
  • She will feel cherished and noticed by you
  • She would put more effort into appearing sexy to you and spice things up in the bedroom.
  • It would be a perfect gift for any occasion. I mean, what woman doesn't love lingerie.
  • She would reciprocate in ways you don't expect.






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The Girl Power lace lingerie is a perfect one-piece specially made for plus-sized women. Designed with a spandex cup with full closure and without a wire, it will provide you with the shades of comfort and sexinessyou deserve.


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“Perfect is found in your imperfection”

-Bridgett Devoue